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Get yourself a video.

Video Batching

Create powerful videos using Video Batching

Select Template

On Visionogy platform you can choose from hundreds of templates based on industry and marketing purpuse.

Time Length

Users can adjust the time length of their video ads.

Upload Content

Upload your images/clips. If you don't have enough content you can use the clip/image based libraries embedded on the platform.

Choose background music

Choose the right song based on mood and genre.

Add Text

Choose the buzz words with the iad of our NLP technology or the marketing phrases.Alternatively copy the website URL address and this can be substracted automatically.

Generate Videos

Generate the videos and automatically post them on your social media platform.

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Video Abbreviation

Cut the long video short

Select Long video

Select an exisiting marketing video to create multiple short video ads from it.

Choose Segments

Indicate if there are any part of the video that you wish to maintain.

Generate Video Ads

Click generate video ads to create multiple short videos for your desired social media platform.

Download and post

Select the video you wish to maintain and automatically post them on your social media plat.

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Hyper targeting

Personlisation as successful marketing

Deliver to your target group

You can deliver personalised content, focused on what your customers exactly need.

Brand awareness

You are going to increase your sales and brand awareness.

Right audience

Thanks to our hyper targeting you are reaching to people you know are interested in your product.


You can receive valuable feedback from your cutomers which can lead to improving and more potential of your brand.

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