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A technology
with Vision!

Our Mission

Our team has 20 years experience in image, video, AI, media and design. We combine NLP and ML to create powerful brand presence and drive conversions. We combine technology with experience design, human behaviour and storytelling. We are technology with the vision!

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Our credibility

Our engineering team has extensive experience in AI driven video technologies and video ­specific infrastructure: image object recognition, image classification, image aesthetics analysis, NLP, video summarisation, video abbreviation, video indexing engine, semantic analysis engine, brand safety analysis engine, sentiment analysis engine.

Strong Research Experience


scientific papers and growing


US patents and growing


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Our Values

We know marketing

We know ins and outs of how to help you throughout your digital journey.

Passion for technology

Technology is the core of what we do and we have a commitment to continuous improvement.

Talk to users

Relationships with our users are central to how and why we work.

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The easiest way to create videos

Our video builder is easy to use and powerful. Get started. Try it for free

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