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Visionogy Video Minimalist: Professional Video Batch Automation

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The Minimalist Solution for 360° Video Ads

We use AI to create video ads driven by visual content and backed by AI auto-decided story adaption

Youtube videos, Google videos, LinkedIn videos, Facebook videos made simple! Turn your visual content into powerful video! In just a few clicks you can create great looking videos with professional effects – great for advertising agents and influencers alike!

Turn your content into multiple video ads!

Visionogy’s proprietary and patented technology allows anyone to create multiple video ads at once in no time! It learns from your uploaded images, clips and phrases; or retrieves data from your website as well as industry data.

Got an existing long video but not suitable for Facebook video ads?

No matter what channel, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube, your long video can automatically be abbreviated and converted into multiple short video ads to fit any of the channels.

Video Ads campaigns in just one click!

Too many short videos ads and struggling to manage? Feeling the headache already? Don’t worry as we have a solution! Fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

Automatic Multiple Video Ads

The most efficient way to get multiple professional-level videos in no time with our AI-powered, patented, video batching technology. Save time and money and obtain high conversion rates!

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Long Video Ads Abbreviation

“The tedious task of advertisement agencies to create short videos ads, from a long existing video, has never been easier! "

Reuse your existing long marketing and branding videos and adjust them for your social media channels. The new Facebook ads, Instagram and LinkedIn ads will bring new audience at your door!

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Automatic Video Ads Campaigns and Analytics

You are just The multiple video ads can be published in minutes with our NLP optimized campaigns solution. Machine learning will drive optimised hyper-targeted video ads campaigns.

Our Core Team

Our Team has 20 years experience in image, video, AI, multimedia and design. We bring technology, design, anthropology and media together.

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The first auto-generation SAAS of video ads driven by visual contents and backed by AI auto-decided story adaptation.
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