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Hi, we are Visionogy

The Mnimalist Solution for Video Ads

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Visionogy Video Minimalist: Professional Video Batch Automation

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The AI solution for video marketing

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We use AI to automate the creation of professional video ads driven by visual content. We are a One-stop Video Ads, SAAS of auto-generation, campaign and insights for Every Person, Every startup and Every Enterprise.

We make video marketing simple.

Customize your video

You can choose from hundreds of templates. Adjust time length and choose the right song.

Make it sharable

Video grabs attention and drives more quality traffic than other medium.

Social media presence

We use users data feedback to generate video ads based on their interest.

More than one

We use users data feedback to generate video ads based on their interest.

Selected Templates

Start with one and satisfy your users!

What you can do:

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Customize your video

Simplify your generation of video creatives

Visionogy learns your uploaded images, videos and texts by machine learning technologies and automatically lots of video creatives adapted to your business requirement.

Automate your campaign targeting

Visionogy supplements your bidding definition of video campaigns by NLP for Facebook, Instagram, etc and maximizes your campaign effect with hyper-targeting. Fully comply with GDPR and CCPA.

poster of a social media video
poster of a social media video

Visualize your ads insights

Visionogy visualizes the ads data from multiple aspects, automates the ads reporting and predicts the future bidding strategy.

Make video easy today!

The first auto-generation SAAS of video ads driven by visual content and backed by AI auto-decided story adaption. A technology with Vision! Smart video ads at your door! Advertisement made easy! Contact Us